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Breathe Strong is pleased to partner with Jane M. Martin, BA, LRT, CRT. Ms. Martin is a respiratory therapist with over thirty years of experience and  an educator dedicated to working towards effective patient education to improve the quality of life in individuals impacted by chronic pulmonary disease. She believes that identifying the emotional needs of individuals with chronic lung disease is the basis for determining more effective methods of teaching, leading to true learning, lasting change and long-term effective management of COPD and other chronic lung disease. She works as the Associate Director of Education for the COPD Foundation.

Jane is the author of Live Your Life with COPD-52 Weeks of Health, Happiness and Hope; Breathe Better, Live in Wellness: Winning Your Battle Over Shortness of Breath; and over 70 articles on living with COPD.


Live Your Life with COPD – 52 Weeks of Health, Happiness, and Hope is your comprehensive guide to living well with COPD. Each week you’ll learn something new: breathing techniques, medications, exercise, anxiety, early signs of infection, nutrition, working with your doctor, relaxation, and much more. You’ll find stories abundant with thoughtful perspectives and joyful inspiration. Altogether it is a wealth of information and a pathway to empowerment. Respiratory therapist Jane M. Martin combines 35 years of experience working with and teaching people with COPD, with lessons learned by extraordinary patient, Jo-Von Tucker. This collective wisdom shows you not only what you need to know to breathe better and live a full life with COPD, but offers you help with putting it into practice. Whether you were diagnosed ten years ago, or just yesterday, you can find your best life with COPD – a life of Health, Happiness and Hope.

More about Jane…

I’m Jane M. Martin, a respiratory therapist, educator, and writer with over 35 years experience doing my best to help people breathe easier. I started out as teacher, never intending to become a respiratory therapist. But life happened in such a way that I found myself on a path called respiratory care – and I’ve been following it ever since.

As I worked in the hospital, time after time my patients asked, “Am I the only one who has this problem? What’s going to happen to me? How can anyone possibly understand how I feel?” In response, I started a breathing support group, and then a pulmonary rehabilitation program. Working with these programs helped me see the courage and wisdom of my patients. I was inspired! And I knew what I had to do. I began to write patients’ stories to help those with COPD and other chronic lung diseases who felt discouraged, overwhelmed, and alone.

In my new book, the Second Edition of Live Your Life with COPD – 52 Weeks of Health, Happiness, and Hope, you’ll find the best of both of my other books, Breathe Better, Live in Wellness, and the first edition of Live Your Life with COPD plus updates, new chapters, questions with answers from lung health experts, and more patient stories!

I’m excited about sharing my new book with you! Whether you’re a person who’s been diagnosed with COPD, a family member, caregiver, or a health care professional, I know you’ll be informed, encouraged, and inspired by this second edition of Live Your Life with COPD – 52 Weeks of Health, Happiness, and Hope.

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